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Tim promptly arrived and inspected my entire property and most specifically the roof. The insurance company's adjuster had only allocated replacement of approximately 1/4 of my roof, a small allocation for fence repairs, about half of the window screens, all of the gutters and spouts and, my slight repairs to my air conditioning unit. Tim's thorough inspection found that the insurance inspector had missed a good amount of damage around the property as well as obviously not thoroughly inspecting all of my roof. Tim walked me through each step to request and obtain a "re-inspection", met with the new inspector for the re-inspection and obtained a new approval from the insurance carrier including full replacement of my roof and the additional damage Tim had noted, increasing the claim from approximately $7,000.00 to $32,000.00! Without Tim's professional handling of the re-inspection and his assisting me with the "how to" accomplish the re-inspection, I would have been left with an additional $25,000.00 in damages I would have had to pay out of my pocket! Further, without receiving a dime upfront, Tim personally placed a tarp on the roof to protect my home from further water damage, acquired and paid a sub-contractor on a weekend to do an emergency repair of the air conditioning unit that suddenly stopped before the approval of the new estimate.

- Aimee P.

WOW!!! Pleasure from start to finish, Professional, courteous, punctual, and very reasonably priced.

- Wendy

I used Hunters Marc to repair a roof leak at my mother's home. The house is 7 years old and the home needed to be repainted and the fence needed to be repaired and re-stained. Tim gave me a quote to do all of that work. His quote was $4,000 less than the other 2 company's bids that I recieved. Tim did a phenomenal job on the home. Based on his quality of work and price, I used him to repair a few things on my home and I had him repair the roof on my ranch. I recommend Hunters Marc Construction I will definitely use him for any repairs moving forward.

- George T.

Hunters Marc is an amazing organization and I can't say enough about their professionalism, expertise and knowledge shared in completing my home's roof replacement work last month. I'm a professional Software Solution Architect by trade. I'm extremely picky, a house handyman, doing most smaller remodeling jobs myself, and a perfectionist. I question everything to make sure I'm getting the best value and will spend hours researching materials and references to verify. *** was amenable to my need to understand, was extremely patient with me, and served as a great teacher in taking me through the whole Insurance claim process from beginning to end. *** met at my house an hour before the Insurance Adjusters (there were 2) showed up, and quickly walked me through the interaction and assessment process. He stayed for their assessment, following them on to the roof, capturing and pointing out 10-20 significant items they overlooked. After the review, they headed to their vehicle to finalize the report. They were back at the front door, after 30 minutes, with a check for 50% of the claim. Additionally, *** went to my city's Building Code website and got the Code tolerances for roof decking, climbed into my attic when it was 150+ degrees with a flashlight, tape measure and camera, taking pictures at a stack hole of my existing decking thickness. He then worked with my city's Building Code office and with the Insurance Adjusters to have new decking included into the claim to meet the city's current code. I postponed having the work done for several months after the settlement for various reasons. There was no hassle or push by Hunters Marc to complete the work. I finally called on a Thursday, ready to have the work completed, and was called Friday afternoon, scheduled for the next Monday morning. I was told the crew would arrive at 7:30 AM in the morning, like clockwork they arrived at 7:30 AM. The roofing crew, worked from 7:30 AM to dark for 4 days straight. Their quality, craftsmanship, and professionalism was top notch. Warped and damaged rafters were either replaced or reinforced. I had some rotten main beams in a low pitched porch roof that they completely rebuilt. The perimeter around the house was kept clean at all times. The worry of damaged landscape surrounding the house was not an issue either. The gutter crew, showed up on Friday at the scheduled time, and again a top notch team. They additionally cleaned and painted the fascia boards to match the new gutter color picked. HuntersMarc stands behind their quality of workmanship and products used. Many upgrades and services were provided at no charge, because they care. The first check written, occurred after the work was done. We immediately noticed improved cooling in the house, with the new radiant barrier decking, the additional turbine added, and all of the ridge vents added that did not exist before. With the first major rain afterward, we noticed there were no issues as before with gutter overflow, from the oversize downspouts and gutter drain holes added. We're the envy of neighbors with the 3 tab designer shingles and trim colors Hunters Marc helped pick.

- Larry W.

Hunter's Marc is exceptional, trustworthy and Cares from the heart. Our 60 unit Condo bldg. burned for 3 days March 2017. 7 alarm fire, 243 firemen, 64 Dallas fire trucks. In the following weeks The condo owners wanted to retrieve whatever personal, memory items we possibly could. We were not allowed to try ourselves. The building was burned with extensive water and smoke damage and the floors/walls had begun to collapse. After several phone calls to local contractors one of our condo owners found Hunter's Marc. Tim and his crew arrived and gave everyone an overview of what could 'maybe' be done. Advised all of us he had approximately 3 days to devote to us..... Tim, Tanner and Kathryne were with us for the next 21 days. Tim and Tanner were told by owners what and location of items should be in their condo. These men are incredible. They crawled, scooted, pulled themselves through debris to locate and retrieve personal items There are not enough words to express their kindness, professionalism, heart-felt-careing. Tim and Tanner retrieved small item memories that would have been lost with all other possessions in an owners condo. I will be forever grateful to these people. Tim did not let his every day business slid, it was covered. Tanner has a garage door business and had his company covered They are a blessing, care, professional and know what to do and how to do it.... look at the situation and think it through and accomplish the best . The professionalism witnessed and accomplished...Hunter's Marc is very highly recommended.

- Pam W.

Just a little note to say thank you for doing a superb job on the roof and gutters. It outshines the rest of the house. I couldn't be happier! Once again, thank you.

- Carol P.
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