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Steps to Our Hassle-free Process


    Our Inspector will discuss their findings and your options once the fully property inspection is complete at no charge to the customer. We value honesty and doing the right thing for our customers from the very start. At the same time our Inspector assesses the property, a Project Manager will also go over the details of filing an insurance claim and explain how our Insurance Specialist can assist you throughout this process.


    We become your Customer Advocate and meet with your Insurance Claims Adjuster on your behalf during their inspection. They will populate their findings known as a "work-scope" document and send it to you.


    Once you receive the paperwork created by your Insurance Adjuster, our Insurance Specialist and Customer Advocate will review it to make sure all of the property damage is covered properly according to the policy.


    The Project Manager will meet with you to discuss the options for materials, product styles, colors and any energy efficient upgrades available that make sense for your project. Once selected, the Project Manager orders the proper materials.


    Our carefully trained crew will make every effort to protect your property and belongings before the building process begins. We will make sure the work site is cleaned, free of building material and all debris will be removed.


    We will inspect your property with you and make sure it is to your utmost satisfaction.

What to Expect When Working With Us

  • Quick Response

    When a storm hits your home or commercial building, you need help fast. Whether you have only a few wind blown off shingles or a storm has devastated your property, a quick disaster response is necessary to prevent further damage and costs.

  • Your Insurance Claims Are Handled with Expertise

    Let's be real: Insurance Claims are complicated and there are a lot of moving parts and parties involved, especially after a historic National Disaster like Hurricane Harvey. We apply our vast knowledge of the Insurance Claim Process and Construction Experience to work together, tailoring a claim that will lead to the best reolution for you. Our Claims Administrator has many years of experience as an Independent Claims Adjuster for one of the Nation's largest Insurance Companies and knows all of the internal processing methods inside the Insurance Companies to get additional covered items not included in the original Adjuster's estimate.

  • Carefully Planned Project

    By working with a dedicated, Full Service Property Storm Restoration Team, you won't have to worry about scope or additional estimates for when something (inevitably) comes up. We get all the data upfront, the pricing secure and carefully plan your project around your schedule with inspectors, adjusters, insurance specialists, client relationship managers and crews. This results in greater worker productivity, a higher quality installation and more satisfied customers. True, it is a meticulous, time consuming way of doing it on our end but it is the only way for the best results.

  • Partners with Professional Engineering Firm

    We also have easy access to a Professional Construction Engineering Firm that is down the hallway from our office with who keeps us up-to-date on the ever changing commercial and residential building code yearly updates. This is particulary important because in many cases the Insurance Companies are responsible to not only make repairs but to bring them up to current building code. However, if the most current codes are unknown, which is common with most General Contractors and even the Insurance Adjusters, it vastly effects the code upgrades available to you which bring the house up to a higher standard than it was before at no cost to you, the customer. It also limits the total money paid out unknowingly by the Insurance Company and limits the standard of repairs due to you, the customer, by the Texas State Laws.

  • Bringing Normalcy Back to Your Life

    Weather-related emergencies are an unfortunate fact of life and can't be avoided. Every member of our Team is experienced, knowledgeable, ready and equipped to get you back in your home or business fast. We truly want to do whatever we can do to bring normalcy back to your life. We are big picture people and at the end of the day we are here to help.

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