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Our goal is to give you an experience that exceeds your expectations. We focus on quality products, workmanship and accountability that will earn customer loyalty for life.

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Our General Contractor Services

No matter what the extent of your construction needs, we can quickly respond and guide you to the best solution and save you precious time. Contact us today for a free inspection or so we can answer any questions you have about the claims process.

What Makes Us Best

  • Better Business Bureau Accredited our business practices are recognized as outstanding
  • WE ARE INSURED - Our General Liability policy protects you as the property owner. Many Contractors in the construction industry do not even carry insurance. That puts the risk on you! We want you to feel comfortable and will provide proof of insurance at your request.
  • WE HAVE CONTINUING TRAINING by attending national construction conferences, our distributors and product manufactures on the newest innovative materials and installation methods not known of by smaller construction companies and a commitment to service are behind our high customer satisfaction rate. Please contact us today for more information or free inspection.
  • WE PLAN YOUR PROJECT CAREFULLY and are rewarded with greater worker productivity, a higher-quality installation and more satisfied customers. We don’t want to interrupt your schedule or building activity, so we work quickly and efficiently to complete the project.

Our Roofing Services

We handle your insurance claims
We apply our vast knowledge of the Insurance claim process and construction experience to work tailoring a claim that will lead to the best resolution for you. Our claims administrator has many years of experience as a claims adjuster for one of the nation's largest insurance companies and knows all the internal processing methods of the claims process inside the insurance company to get additional covered items not included in original adjusters estimate. We also have an in-house professional construction engineering firm that we office with that help keep us up-to-date on the latest building code updates which the insurance companies are responsible to bring all repaired items up to current building code, which changes every year. Very few if any other construction contractors know anything about these.

  • WE CAN ADVISE OUR CLIENT your insurance agent and insurance adjuster on proper roof damage assessment. In both residential and commercial applications, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to assist you with the insurance claim process.
  • WE OFFER FREE ENERGY EFFICIENCY ASSESSMENT of your roof and attic ventilation systems and advise economical ways to help make your house more energy efficient.

What Makes Our Roofs Different

All HMC roofs are extremely durable, and made to save you money by decreasing energy use. The best part: most roofs we install come with a limited lifetime product warranty. HMC brings the best practices to the table and is the top choice for residential and commercial consturction. With the improved consturction technologies available today, we can offer you a solution that will not only provide you with a water tight construction system, but improve reliability and energy efficiency of your home.

  • We tarp plants and keep your yard picked up during removal and reroof process. When finished large magnets are run over yard and around bushes and flowerbeds to insure remaining nails are picked up.
  • We check entire roof deck surface after removing old shingles for rotten wood and replace as needed
  • We check all flashing closely for aging and or previous improperly installed and adjust or replace as needed
  • We use polyurethane sealer, which will last for the entire life of your shingles instead of caulking or silicone that is the base standard used by other contractors and will dry up and crack from heavy sun exposure. It is used around the flashings, rain caps and exposed nail heads.
  • We paint to match all roof hardware (2 coats) using premium UV rated paint we special order instead of cheap house brand stocked by roof supply and used by other roofers that begins to fade with in 3 months
  • Upgrade: Ice and water shield (rubberized stick down membrane) used in valleys and other areas with high water shed
  • Upgrade: We install 30 lb synthetic felt. It is much more durable, resists temperature and water penetration, mold and mildew. It is also is much cooler and safer for our crew to walk on during the reroof process having much better traction and does not tear and lays down flatter. Far superior in every area compared to black asphalt felt used as a standard by all other construction companies.
  • Upgrade: We install each shingle with 6 nails instead of minimum of of 4 used by all other construction companies to meet minimum building code. 6 nails is the standard used when reroofing homes on the coastline and gives your roof a higher wind rating.

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